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Let us try to understand the importance of good nutrition and Iron in our bodies. There are so many vital functions dependant upon having enough iron in our bodies. Iron is vital in the following processes:

1. Without iron, our bodies cannot produce red blood cells or haemoglobin which is the one responsible for distributing oxygenated blood all over our bodies. With enough iron in our bodies, we will feel more active and be more physically engaged in activities that will help us lose weight easier and faster.

2. Foods rich in iron are considered best because aside from red blood cells, they also help us absorb the energy from foods to keep us stronger and healthier.

3. Iron also helps us strengthen our immune system in such a way that it protects us from infections and diseases once we have enough iron in our bodies.

Nowadays, we can see so many Iron Supplements available in the market but I still recommend that you eat natural foods aside from taking these supplements alone. Here is my list of best foods rich in iron to help you get the iron you need:

1. Meat products like  kidney, liver, lean beef heart, liver sausage, ox tongue and liver paste are among the best foods rich in iron. If taken in the correct amounts, they can cause us to lose weight as the body will have enough haemoglobin to carry oxygen in our bodies thus, giving us more energy to do more physical activities.

2. Seafood like mussels, anchovies, shrimps, fish paste, and sardines are also foods rich in iron.

3. Other foods like dried figs, almonds, hazelnuts, cashew nuts, apricots, and silver beet contain much iron too needed by our bodies.






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